About Me

Hi! My name is Michele Anliker. I am an on-location photographer, specializing in natural light portraiture and lifestyle sessions. When I’m not taking care of my photography business, I am working as a daycare teacher, exploring the beauty of Michigan with my husband, or volunteering at my favorite musical theater. I find the most beautiful places and perspectives for my photo sessions while adventuring with my furry friend Lily. Her pictures fill my social media walls and her sweetness fills every corner of my heart.

There’s no greater joy for me than watching children grow and seeing their personalities develop. As a photographer I have a chance to document this fascinating process! Pictures feed our memories with details that are easily forgotten but hold so much emotional weight. As your photographer I want to make sure that the brand new look on your baby’s face, the time your toddler refused to wear anything but the color pink and the radiance of your teenage daughter are perpetuated and that you may look at my pictures later and be showered with happy thoughts, reunited with chapters forgotten and reconnected to the story of your life.

The reason why the reading voice in your head has a cute little accent is that I was born and raised in Switzerland. In October 2014 my husband and I moved to Michigan with only 4 pieces of luggage and a camera bag. Images also help me stay connected to my family.

But now let’s talk about you and your next life event!

I'm a light seeker

If I had to pick one element most important to my photography, it would be light. I am motivated and driven by beautiful light. I love backlit outdoor images with magical sun flare, as well as deep shadows that create a moody, intimate feel. My shooting locations and session times will always reflect that focus.

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