Where does your family like to dwell?

Patterson Lake Pine Woods, Pinckney

This little piece of paradise is not far from Hell. The main trail of the woods leads through hide-and-seek territory down to the river. Enjoy a game of pooh sticks on the bridge or take a detour to play in the forest fort. Get sidetracked by clearings that offer beautiful light for mommy and me pictures. Let your kids collect pine cones and other natural treasures on the way. But don't worry, this location is not just for hikers. Its main highlight is the beautiful pine tree alley not far from the parking lot.

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Coordinates: 42.43666366446975, -83.97681650346954

Reichert Preserve, Pinckney

This preserve features rolling wooded terrain, kettle lakes, and frontage along Little Portage Lake and Portage Creek. You will receive a lock code from the photographer to open the barrier to this private preserve. It is a beautiful quiet oasis - perfect for families who appreciate privacy during their family session. Parents enjoy the view from the floating dock while kids love to search the lily pads for frogs and maybe spot some fish in between. Swings and benches invite the family for a sitting portrait.

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Coordinates: 42.428509805962726, -83.93741864232737

Fox Science Preserve, Ann Arbor

A former gravel pit, Fox Science Preserve offers fun climbing opportunities for kids. Untouched for almost 40 years, the land surface here resembles the landscape that was revealed upon the retreat of the glaciers some 12'000 years ago. Ancient table-sized glacial boulders of granite, tillite, gneiss, and limestone are scattered around the base of the former pit. The rolling hills make this a great territory for photography and a fun natural playground for kids. One of the session highlights is sliding down a giant glacier rock into mommy's arms.

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Coordinates: 42.31797787366533, -83.83313563907731

Sloan Preserve, Dexter

This small oasis or pocket preserve is situated next to the Lotus garden center on Baker Rd. There are old hardwood trees with much of the preserve being in the forest. However, the front yard of this nature area offers beautiful textures in late fall (end of October/November). Kids love the adventure of crossing the river and entering the animal kingdom beyond. It is almost possible to forget one is so close to civilization when on the trail as it is tranquil and beautiful.

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Coordinates: 42.316744048928115, -83.88497107580255

Schell Family Farm, Pinckney

Starting around August, this family-owned farm offers 7 acres of beautiful sunflower bloom and 3 acres of wildflowers. The location fee is $25 for an hour session. Sunflower picking is a great family activity for lifestyle sessions. When you book a session in a flower field, don't forget to put on mosquito repellent.

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Coordinates: 42.4527504077199, -83.93633793814571